Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are a great product for temporary shade protection which can be rolled in or out, either manually cranking or with a touch of a button with motorisation.

Create an instant outdoor area with shade from the ranges of acrylic or PVC mesh fabric with UV protection from the harsh Australian climate.

With folding arm awnings, there is no post support which means the awning is self-supported and canter levered by strong aluminium spring loaded arms.

An unobstructed view and no posts in the way of furniture makes the awning very popular and safe for children to play under.

Coco offers a large range of premium folding arm awnings handpicked for their European design and engineering but also manufactured in Australia for local support here in Sydney.

Features – Folding Arm Awnings

  • Strength – Beaufort Wind Class 5-6 category. Up to 49km/h within our folding arm awning range.
  • Waterproof – Waterproof acrylic fabric can be added as an option (folding arm awnings are designed for sun shade, however can be used in light showers when tilted at a 15deg pitch.
  • Retractable – Not a fixed roof, controls how much light /air and heat to your home
  • Australian Climate – Eco friendly and controls temperature into your home and entertaining area.
  • Colours – Over 120 powder coating colour choices.
  • Options – Largest selection of solution dyed acrylic fabrics.
  • Operation– Motorised or manual crank winding system.
  • Automation – Remote control or wall switch.
  • Wind Sensor – Wind sensors can be added for extra safety for your awning.  The awning will retract when reaching its pre-set level.  It cannot be guaranteed to protect the awning with extreme sudden gusts of wind, especially if projection is large as the motor does not have enough time to retract. It is not recommended to leave your awning out when not at home.
  • Rain Sensor – Rain sensors can be added to retract when the sensor pad detects rain or showers.

Folding Arm Awning Installation

There are numerous ways to install a folding arm awning at your home.  Our specialist design consultants will discuss the strongest and safest options for your installation.  There are so many variables but your home needs sufficient structure to mount a folding arm awning due to the weight and wind loads of a folding arm awning.

Common installations include:

  • Face Fix into brick wall or structural timber
  • Top Fix into concrete slab
  • Rafter Mount to under eave

If these options are not appropriate to your home, we can advise if fascia mounting to your eave or roof mounting awning above your roof is possible.  All possible options will be resourced and check measured by a qualified installer.

All folding arm awnings in our range are backed by the largest motor companies worldwide.

Why not view all our ranges to compare different styles, specifications and strengths to suit your needs.

Our passionate design consultants offer a free quotation throughout Sydney and Metropolitan areas including Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Inner West.

Our design consultants can bring the showroom to you and showcase the most functional, stylish and contemporary range of awnings and design services available in Sydney.

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