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Retractable awning roof systems are pergola styled roof systems that have a PVC membrane roof that folds and gathers together like an accordion when retracting.  This European Design allows open or closed features for all weather conditions.

All retractable awning roofs are custom made to fit into almost every space.  Customisation allows you to make your roof system, higher, wider, uniquely shaped or angled that ensures seamless continuity with your home or commercial property.

Create your all weather outdoor area that protects you from the elements or with a touch of a button, retract the roof back and allow all the warmth of the winter sun to enter your home.  Rather than a fixed roof or Louvered styled system, the retractable roof allows a greater view, space and airflow. Our clients love this concept.

The retractable roof is the fastest growing product in the market. Its European design and engineered system is manufactured to Australian building standards.  Service and parts are readily available locally without having to source parts from overseas.

While retractable roofs can look very similar, our design consultants will point out the key differences in the All seasons design.  It has seamless architectural extruded rafter profiles with no indented grooves for excess water or dirt accumulation.  Bolts and screws designed to be hidden are not visual and will not be exposed to the elements. The All seasons has all the current and modern features.

There are over 120 Dulux powder coating colours at no extra charge and if you are in a coastal salty environment, the system can have special coating applied to further protect your investment.

The waterproof fabric membrane is easily cleaned unlike the hard to clean acrylic fibre-based fabric types.

With a special PVC coating, this membrane is manufactured to thermally protect your outdoor area in winter or summer.  Large sports stadiums, airports and commercial buildings use this type of technology.

If you are planning a retractable roof in your new home or extension, it is recommended to contact our design consultants who are able to meet with you or your builder or architect and map out the technical details and design to ensure a cost effective solution.

Our design consultants can bring the showroom to you and showcase the most functional, stylish and contemporary range of awnings and design services available in Sydney.

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